Take Back Your Time: How To Create Time-Freedom For A Healthy, Happy Life.

Join this FUN and FREE audio training and learn how to MAKE TIME to create a healthy body & life that you love! 

This series will teach you how to have more time, to do the things you WANT to do, in a super practical, step-by-step kind of way.

Jennifer Dene

Hey there! 

I'm Jennifer Dene, founder of Jennifer Dene Wellness and creator of The Dene Method.  

And I'm here to help you Take Back Your Time, to create a healthy body and life that you love!

I know how it feels to be always running (overworked, overwhelmed and under appreciated).

For years I believed that self-care was selfish, me time was lazy, and constantly pushing was the sign of a productive life. 

But that couldn't be further from the truth. 

  • Without time you can't establish healthy living routines
  • Without time you can't plan for the future
  • Without time you can't appreciate everything you already have.

In fact, learning how to "press pause" on your busy life (and not feeling guilty about taking time out for yourself) is ESSENTIAL for reducing stress, losing weight, and being in love with your life. 

“Women in particular...need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own “to do” list.” – Michelle Obama

You need to TAKE BACK your time...

This free, three-part video series provides you with simple strategies for making more free time. 

In the series I share:

  • Why your mindset is keeping you time poor
  • The one simple habit that will give you more free time, every single day
  • How to keep your newfound time safe from time-burglars (they really are everywhere!)
  • Why it's vital that you replenish your own reserves, both to feel healthier and happier in yourself, and have more value to give to others.
  • Plus, I've created six downloadable worksheets that will help you put everything you learn into practice.

Don't you think you deserve a little more time? Click here and take it!

Meal Plans And At Home Workouts

You may think that healthy living starts with workouts, clean eating and stress management, but that's not exactly true. While these are all great practices to have, their success hinges on one crucial thing...time. 

Before you sign that gym membership or pick up another recipe book, ask yourself if you have time to follow through on those good intentions.

Life can feel so busy that it's easy to forget how to hit pause. But — in order to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself — you need to learn how to do it!

Once you've clicked the button below (and added your information) you'll receive an email from me with your first video and worksheets; you can start taking back that time as soon as today! 

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