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5 Days Of Simple Self Lovin', So You Feel Fit, Feminine & Fabulous.

Here's What 4 Fabulous Women Have To Say...

"I can now love myself exactly as I am today, and treat myself, my body and soul with respect."  

"These simple yet powerful self love steps have made my life feel truly special."  

"The challenge opened my eyes to how I was treating myself... to find true love, I must first commit to self love. 

"Suddenly it clicked...all this time my wellbeing has just been waiting on me to show up for myself. Wow."


  • Every morning you receive an email outlining your ONE self-love practice for that day.
  • You'll watch the video & take immediate action.
  • It's very simple and very doable.
  • Over the five days you'll start to change how you feel about yourself and your life...
  • You'll love and appreciate your gorgeous body...
  • Tap back into your feminine side...
  • And give yourself the gift of reconnecting with beautiful YOU!  


  • You'll be invited to join our private Facebook Group, for daily motivation, support and kindness, as you take the first steps on your new self lovin' journey!

Join over 1,000 women from around the globe who have learnt how simple, satisfying & totally unselfish it is to shower yourself with love and kindness (every single day). 

What You Will Gain From This FREE Self Love Challenge: 

Self Love Challenge

A Brighter Mindset & Fun New Vocabulary

Learn how to shoosh your inner critic and speak the positive language of self kindness.

Self Love Challenge

Increased Energy & Daily Fulfillment

Putting yourself first isn't's ESSENTIAL. Use self love to live, work and play at your highest level.

Self Love Checklist

The Foundation Of Your Healthiest Life

When you shift to loving yourself it becomes easy to prioritize healthy eating & exercise. 

Meal Plans And At Home Workouts

Jennifer Dene is a celebrity trainer and health coach, creator of the revolutionary lifestyle program the Dene Method, and host of the Soulful Self-Love Challenge, which has helped 1,000 women around the world feel fit, feminine, and fabulous. 

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