SLIM Down With Self Love™

A body-positive weight loss and self-care program designed for women who are ready to let go of emotional eating and regain control of health and happiness. 


You've tried every diet on the planet – but nothing seems to work. Is it your commitment? Your willpower? No. It's your self love. 

  • Are you the woman who uses food for comfort, control, or punishment? 
  • Are you familiar with negative talk, perfectionism, or body shame?
  • Have you ever felt ashamed of eating in secret or felt the panic of being in an uncontrollable binge?
  • Do you now find yourself disappointed with how your body looks and feels?  

If so, this message is for you.  

Don't try another excruciating diet. Don't skip another swimsuit season. Don't listen to the critical voice inside your head.

Instead, do something different. Something that actually works...

And that something is SLIM Down With Self Love™.

What exactly is SLIM Down With Self Love™?

Comprised of video lessons and live group coaching calls, this intimate six-week series will teach you how to overcome emotional eating, and put you back in the driver's seat of your own health and happiness. 

By the end of this program you will have replaced unhealthy habits — such as yo-yo-dieting, caloric-restriction, binge-eating, and food guilt — with positive lifestyle shifts that will have you reach and maintain your ideal weight, and love the skin you're in. 


By end of this empowering, step-by-step program, you'll have: 

  • Identified and overcome the negative self-beliefs that keep you trapped in the cycle of emotional eating
  • Created a sustainable and deeply satisfying self-care routine that will nourish you from the inside out
  • Learned EVERYTHING you need to know about healthy eating in the most simple, fad-free way possible...
  • Plus, how to eat this way without giving up your favorite foods or worrying about overeating
  • Replaced old habits of perfectionism, self-criticism, and negative talk with sexy self-confidence, compassion and charisma 
  • Overcome sugar addiction and food guilt for good
  • Increased your energy and brought more joy into your life 

But above all else...

  • SLIM Down With Self Love will give you the confidence to step forward as the most beautiful, authentic version of yourself and the courage to do the things you were born to do

A Small Sample Of Our Amazing Alumni

"I'm no longer addicted to sugar and my depression has lifted." 

Read Maureen's Story >>

"I now know what to do to be healthy and happy and HOW to do it — it feels amazing!" 

"I've lost 25 pounds and learned to live with health & freedom." 

What's Inside SLIM Down With Self Love



We start the program by focusing on all things rejuvenating — from the pretty to the practical and everything in between. You will reconnect with the real (non-food) things your body, mind and soul need to thrive.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to overcome the deep seated negative beliefs that keep you trapped in the emotional eating cycle.
  • The four surprising secrets to establishing a sustainable self-care routine. 
  • Why you need to reshuffle your to-do list if you want to be healthy.
  • My #1 wellness secret that will have you slimming down and shaping up without giving up dessert or dragging yourself out of bed for that pre-dawn workout. 



This will transform the way you think about food for good. It's everything you've never been told about nutrion and it will change the way you eat forever by giving you back control over your plate.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why deciding to ditch diets is the most important nutrition change you'll ever make.
  • How to create your own healthy and sustainable way of eating without rules or willpower. 
  • How to serve the perfect portion sizes for your body without measuring, weighing or counting calories.  
  • My Secret Sauce Technique to make healthy eating a breeze for you and your entire family.
  • How to combat your negative self-talk and replace it with positive power statements that lift you up.



Conquer your perfectionism, self-criticism and fear of failure so you can leave behind the "bad" habits that you thought you could never break. It's out with the old, in with the new as you reconnect with the REAL you and come to love who you see when you look in the mirror.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to be comfortable making mistakes — and recover from them quickly — using The SDSL Perfection Detox.
  • How to love your body when you don't like the way it looks.
  • The power of eating for pleasure — and why giving up bread, cheese, wine and dessert is the fastest way to gain weight in the future.
  • How to figure out if the healthy food you're eating is hurting your waistline, even if the health magazines are calling it the next must-eat superfood.



Imagine how you'll feel once you stop constantly worrying about how you look, what you ate, or what other people think about you. You will be unstoppable! I'm going to hold your hand and guide you to that place where you can shed the weight of self-doubt and create the life you deserve. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to redefine yourself on your own terms.
  • The comfortable way to step out of your comort zone — after all, that is where the magic happens!
  • The final step to overcome emotional eating for good.
  • Why your daily routine could be the reason you've never made progress (and the introvert's guide for getting out of that rut).



Pop a bottle of champagne because you've done it! By now you have found food freedom, you feel comfortable in your body and, most importantly, proud of who you are. There is just one final mindset shift remaining to make sure that you never again worry about your weight or wellness.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to become master of your own destiny (and why you'll never "get off track" again).
  • How to start your day the Self Love way and use your voice to change your life, your community and the world.
  • Why reconnecting with a purpose that is fun, freeing and fulfilling will help you write your own legacy.
  • Why this is the last healthy living program you will ever need — because you can stay SLIM for life.

Plus 4 Nourishing Bonuses To Simplify Healthy Living & Supercharge Your Results 

Bonus 01: Access to Private Facebook Group 

Join me every weekday in the members-only Slim Down With Self Love™ Facebook Group for motivation, support and Live Q&As to overcome overwhelm and maintain your momentum right through your final transformation. A $149 value

Bonus 02: Sugar Detox Workshop

Kick cravings to the curb with this science-backed solution for releasing your addiction to sugar, rebalancing your hunger hormones, shedding water weight, and breaking free from the 3pm snack attack. A $97 value

Bonus 03: Meal Planning Like a Pro

Making sure you always have healthy food at hand is essential as you step away from emotional eating. In this bonus I'll teach you how to plan and prep healthy meals quickly and efficiently, (without overeating as you prep). A $97 value 

Bonus 05: Slim Down Recipe Guide 

In the program you will learn how to eat your favorite foods the Slim Down With Self Love™ way, but I'll also share the weekly recipes that I'm cooking to inspire you and ensure you get results! 

A $49 value


More Of Our Lovely Ladies

"After many years spent helping other people, I’ve come back to myself and my health and I feel so deeply satisfied" 

Read Svanhildur's Story >>

"This was one of the best decisions I've made... I'm not only healthier and happier but have lost 31 pounds so far!"  

"I felt motivated, positive and supported the entire time, and now have better health, less stress and more joy."  

Hear It From The Women Who Have Worked With Jennifer

"This is NOT a one-size-fits-all based on the latest trend. Work with Jennifer. She will change your body and your life." 

"Jennifer's unfailing good-cheer and enthusiasm are balanced by a genuine understanding of how hard the weight struggle can be." 

"I'm so grateful for this program and would recommend it to everyone – even if you don't think you'll benefit, you will!"

"Jennifer's program is a breath of fresh air in this diet-centric culture! It's so nice to get results while feeling good about yourself" 

"This is the first time I've been able to stick to a plan and I feel more fit, confident, healthy & happy than I have in a long time."

This program turned my life around mentally, physically & emotionally. I can't remember a time when I felt this good."


Help! I've never done anything like this. That's ok :) It's exciting to start something that will change your life, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking. The program is laid out in a series of simple steps that are easy to follow and I will be by your side guiding you all the way!

Do I have to be tech-savvy? Not at all! I'm a technological dinosaur and I've made the program user-friendly for all skill levels. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Will there be a meal plan? No. The program teaches you how to eat without relying on other people's rules, this is very important when it comes to changing your relationship with food. What you will receive is step-by-step intruction on how to turn your favorite meals into healthy, everyday meals, plus a delicious selection of self-love approved recipes for you to choose from.  

Will I lose weight? Yes, if you have excess weight to lose, however, as this is not a fad-diet, the physical changes won't be immediate. You'll first notice how you have changed the way you feel, think and act, and learn how to keep making incredible progress in the months ahead. 

It's also important to realize that health comes in every shape and size and what matters more than a number on a scale if how how you feel about yourself and in yourself. 

Saying that, 100% of women who have gone through the progam have noticed a significant change in their body shape, regardless of changes to weight, and ALL of them feel more confident in how they look, feel and act..  

How much time must I dedicate? Each week you should set aside an 60 minutes to watch the videos, plus 30 minutes each day to implement the recommendations. It's not much! 

How long will it take me to get results? You'll begin to notice positive changes in how you look and feel almost immediately after starting the program. However, you will reach your final results after continuing to implement the recommendations for several months after the program ends. Remember, this is about achieving sustainable goals so it's going to take a little bit of time, but that's ok. After all, this is the LAST wellness program you'll ever need to do.

How long will I have access to the program? The program is yours to keep forever, including all updates to Slim Down With Self Love™ in the future. 

What if I can't make the live calls? No worries! The calls will be recorded and sent to you via email, and you can submit your questions ahead of time. While it's great for you to join live, you'll get just as much benefit from doing this on your own schedule.

Is there a refund policy? No, all sales are final. Please email if you have any questions about the program before you join us! 

What does SLIM stand for? Self Love Is Mandatory : ) 

Meet Jennifer Dene

I'm Jennifer Dene, Pilates & personal trainer, certified health coach, and women's wellness advocate.  

For over a decade I struggled with eating disorders, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and depresson. I relied on diets and extreme workouts to feel in control of my life yet still the broken record of negative self-talk played constantly in my mind.  

In 2015, after another failed weight loss attempt, I realized that there had to be another way. Hating and punishing my body had never worked so I decided to start loving it instead.

And that's how Slim Down With Self Love™ was born, with me as the very first client!  

Since then I have worked with hundreds of women from across the globe, from stay-at-home mums and retirees, to Hollywood celebrities and female CEOs.  

My message to all of them has been this:  

All it takes is self love and a set of practical, enjoyable healthy living strategies for you to release food fear, live with confidence, and shape a body that you love.

This program will set you up for a lifetime of health in the simplest way possible by transforming your relationship with yourself.  

If that sounds like something you're looking for, I can't wait see you in Slim Down With Self Love™

"Jennifer is truly one of a kind. She worked with me to reframe my thinking around food and change my relationship with how I eat. Since working with her, I've improved my overall lifestyle choices and become a better version of myself. I can't recommend her more highly." - Rachel B, 2020 Client